A Case For Good Charity Wine Cases

VINOvations in collaboration with A Case For Good, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit company, is raising a glass to support your local charity and nonprofit organizations. You can support any of the following nonprofit organizations by purchasing the A Case For Good Charity Wine Case. You can select from 12 bottles of wine in either all red or red/white mixed case. Even more, 10% of the case price goes to your designated charity. The regular price of the case retails over $225, but we discounted the A Case For Good Charity Wine Case to $150 for your generosity.

12 expertly selected wines ranging from deep to fruity reds, crisp and light whites or a combination of both. All the wines are available on our website and averages $15 or more.

There is no limit. Stock up today! Forward to your friends and family.

>>Attention Non-Profits and 501(c)3 Organizations<<

Are you interested in participating in the VINOvations and A Case For Good Fundraising Programs? It's easy, fun and one of the quickest ways to raise funds for your organization.

Now's your chance to enjoy some of the best wines from around the world and support your favorite charity. VINOvations in collaboration with A Case For Good has partnered with many nonprofit organizations to give back 10% of the sale.

Here's how it works:

- Purchase - Simply select the different case options.
- Donate - VINOvations will donate 10% to your designated nonprofit organization.
- Enjoy - Your A Case For Good Wine Case will be delivered to your door.

Don't see your favorite local charity? Then get them on the list.