Brushstroke Cabernet Franc

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Cabernet Franc
Brushstroke Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is one of the wine world's best team players. As one of the great grapes of Bordeaux, winemakers count on it to add a delicate, floral silkiness to their reds (especially in Pomerol's most elite wines — Château Pétrus, anyone?).

But if you haven't had one bottled on its own, here's an excellent first taste from the world-class vineyards of California's Monterey County.

This exciting region enjoys one of California's longest growing seasons — grapes enjoy more "hang time" on the vines, which allows them to ripen to perfection while cooling breezes funneled in from the Monterey Bay seals in aromatic freshness.

The name Brushstroke is a nod to the artisan spirit of this beautiful, seaside community — uncork it with a variety of beef or game dishes and create your own masterpiece.

Soft aromas of white pepper, violets and red and black cherries. Enjoy a very silky mouthfeel, with more notes of violets, mocha and a lovely finish.