Corsiero Nero 2015

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Puglia IGP
Nero Di Troia
Corsiero Nero 2015

Made by the award-winning Mario Ercolino, Corsiero Nero is crafted from select parcels of Uva di Troia grapes, grown in the foothills of the Apennines overlooking the Gargano peninsula in northern Puglia (the hot, sunny heel of Italy’s boot). This unusual grape variety takes its name from the nearby town of Troia, which, as legend has it, was founded by Greek hero Diomedes after sacking the city of Troy in Asia Minor. Even great warriors eventually turn to more gentle pursuits, and maybe it was Uva di Troia which made Diomedes settle in Italy, using his last years to make wine from this fascinating grape variety.

Italian for ‘Black Charger’ (like the trusty steed on the label), Corsiero Nero was aged three months in fine French oak and lives up to its valiant name with a proud, gold-medal victory at the 2016 Berliner Wein Trophy competition.

Get ready for a glass-stainingly deep color, with bewitching aromas and flavors of blackberry, violet, smoky vanilla and oak. All framed by a silky-smooth texture, with a long, intense finish. Try this gallant red with some of Mario’s favorite pairings, including grilled sirloin, roasted pork belly and fennel, or full-flavored cheeses.

Might want to gallop for your share – a red this delicious will sell fast.