Borgo di Marte Appassimento 2015

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Red Blend
Puglia IGT


Welcome to Puglia, the sun-drenched heel of Italy’s boot. It’s a treasure trove of rich-tasting reds that offer “undreamed-of character and potential” (Hugh Johnson) – on full display in this stunning twist on one of Italy’s most famous reds.

Crafted by the Botter family at their estate in the heart of Borgo di Marte (a village named for the Roman god Mars) it’s made with air-dried (appassimento) Negroamaro, Merlot and Primitivo. This traditional technique is especially treasured by Amarone producers in the Veneto region, as it yields wines with incredibly intense, concentrated flavors. Factoring in Sicily’s trademark sunny warmth, and you get a wine with the flavor dial turned up – way up.

According to our expert, Davy Zyw, it's “dense and spicy, rich and warming – a rewarding red that speaks loudly of southern Italian heritage.”

So far, Borgo di Marte has been a critical smash on the international awards stage, scooping a slew of medals (including four golds!). Prepare for waves of seductive black fruit and mocha flavors – pair with charcuterie and cheese, or a hearty stew.