Buena Vista Angel Z Zinfandel 2016

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If you like your reds with serious oomph and are also looking for something a little bit different, this just-landed cuvée – a divine collaboration between our California expert and the talented winemaker at California’s oldest premium winery – is for you.

On her last visit to Buena Vista (experts since 1857), Clare was particularly struck by the finesse and complexity of one Zinfandel in particular. Sourced from prime-sited vineyards across Lodi, aka Zinfandel Central, it had all the hallmarks of fantastic Zin – depth, spice, intensity. But suddenly, inspiration struck winemaker Brian Maloney.

“What if we really turned the flavor dial up?” he asked Clare. Knowing how popular our big reds are with customers, Clare wisely said yes. Going on instinct, Brian added inky-dark, blueberry-packed Petite Sirah and a splash of luscious Angelica (a special and pricey fortified wine made from the Mission grape, which was brought to California hundreds of years ago by Franciscan monks).

Brian's revelation paid off big at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, where it took home a coveted gold medal. Look forward to a glass that's bursting with vibrant, black-fruit aromas, hints of coffee, chocolate, and crème brûlée. On the palate, it’s totally succulent and rich, with juicy, black- and blue-fruit flavors. Gentle mocha spice frames the long, velvety-smooth finish.

Is Brian Maloney the angel of big red lovers everywhere? Probably. But he didn’t make very much of Angel Z – so order your share now, before some other devil beats you to it.