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GILTy Holidays 12 and 15PACK Wine Case
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Brought to you by VINOvations and GILT
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There are no guilty pleasures when it comes to wine. Just great offers brought to you by VINOvations and GILT. Just in time for the holidays to share with your loved ones and even friends - the perfect 12 and 15 bottle case for re-stocking your rack. Here's the perfect, mouthwatering set to keep yourself stocked and thirsty loved ones happy whether you fancy a pack of rich, velvety reds or some crisp, refreshing whites. Choose from either all red or an even mixed combination of reds and whites.

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Save over 50% and sample the wines from around the world hand selected by the Boston Wine School educators.

Check out the sampling of wines at

Even better, we have partnered with the Boston Wine School to hand select the perfect combination of wines for the summer. This 12/15 pack GILT special is valued over $260! We want you to sample the great wines we have to offer. This is your opportunity.

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