Spring into White Special

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Save 40% on our Spring White Wine Special. Buy 3 bottles of La Roccaccia Verdicchio di Matelica and 3 bottles of Visionario Bianco Delle Venezie and save $38.94. It goes great with our Salmon recipe on the blog!

La Roccaccia Verdicchio di Matelica

If you haven't tried Verdicchio in a while, reacquaint yourself with this classic example. It's from the Cantine Belisario, which was founded in 1971 in the heart of the hilltop town of Matelica - home to Italy's finest Verdicchio. Refreshing stuff!

Style Medium-bodied dry white
Country Italy
Grape Verdicchio
Color Pale straw
Aroma Fresh nutty aromas with lemon zest and stone fruit hints
Taste A nutty, fresh, linear style - crisp, unoaked and very citrusy
Alcohol 12.0%


Visionario Bianco Delle Venezie

When Alessandro Gallici decided to blend grapes from his native Friuli with international varietals he couldn't have imagined the success that would follow. Thrillingly fresh with hints of apricot and pear, Visionario is an elegant Italian classic.

Style Medium-bodied dry white
Country Italy
Grape White Blend
Colour Pale lemon straw
Aroma Intense aroma of pear, apple and acacia
Taste Crisp, mineral qualities and gentle pear, blossom and banana fruit
Alcohol 12.5%